The slab is poured using local materials.

We are very excited with the progress on our new building. What makes this building so unique is that we are attempting to get it LEED Certified through the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council). For those who do not know what LEED Certification is, it is a way of measuring how green a building is. It incorporates all aspects of the building from the materials used to the environment created for those who will be working in the building. Throughout construction we will be updating this site with pictures as well as highlighting many of the LEED points we will be trying to acheive. If there are any questions or input throughout this process please feel free to contact us at Upon Completion the building with be used for our new Anderson Valley Architectural Elements Division. Our intent is to make high end lumber products as well as FSC Certified, salvage & recycled products readily available to both the public and the wholesale market. For more information on this new division please visit

Arxx Blocks used for the basement were regionally manufactured.
The large beams showing in the picture were salvaged from an old shipyard. The plywood sheathing shown is an FSC Certified product. To learn more about these points as well as the ones listed above please click on any of the pictures.