A few Leed Credits...

Locally Manufactured Materials - To get this point at least 20% of materials must be manufactured within 500 miles of the building site. The intent is to help the local economy as well as cut down on resource use to transport the materials. On our project we are using many locals woods as well as local concrete and the Arxx blocks shown in the photos.

Salvaged Materials - This point is acheived by using at least 5% salvaged materials on the project. On our project we are using many salvaged beams form various locations including an old shipyard and numerous lumber mills.

FSC Lumber - FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification is a given to lumber that has been harvested and treated in an environmentally sound manner. In order to get the point 50% of lumber used on the project is FSC certified. As an FSC lumbermill I & E was able to acquire and mill a large amount of FSC lumber for the project. Certified plywood sheathing is also being used to help achieve this point.

For more information on FSC please see www.fscoax.org

For more information on LEED please see www.usgbc.org

For more information on our project or where to acquire products used please email kristi@ielath.com